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Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Alliance is a US-based nonprofit 501(3)c corporation, serving the global SDS community. Our EIN and IRS determination letter is available, here.

​100% of your donation goes into an account dedicated solely to research and therapy development.


We pride ourselves on maximizing the impact on SDS patients' and families' lives through running a professional, sustainable, and efficient nonprofit research organization with dedicated, passionate staff. All our operation expenses, including staff compensations, are covered by a separate account, with funding from other sources such as grants and private dedicated donors.


Every single penny of YOUR donation — community donations and fundraisers — goes specifically towards SDS research and therapy development.


In addition, our leadership team works highly strategically to ensure that your donation leads to a much bigger impact — bigger than the amount of donation itself can fund.  How do we do that?  We use your donation to create preliminary results, critical research tools, and infrastructure, and use them to get much bigger grants, from the government and/or private foundations. This strategy continues to supercharge our progress.  Further, our leadership team has the expertise to attract world-class partners to put up their own funding for our project — the mouse model project with The Jackson Laboratory being a prime example.

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