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Dr. Eszter Hars chosen by The Milken Institute to join FasterCures LeaderLink Program

SDS Alliance’s President and CEO, Eszter Hars Ph.D., has been chosen by The Milken Institute to join the FasterCures LeadersLink Program. LeadersLink is a highly competitive program designed for patient-centered nonprofit leaders to find “faster cures” for their diseases. Dr. Hars was selected from a large, exceptionally well-qualified pool of candidates, as one of six LeadersLink winners, who will be provided access to a variety of expertise — from patient data resources to drug development — through the network of experts at the Milken Institute. Read more here.

“Advancing a promising scientific discovery to a viable treatment option requires long-term coordinated efforts from leaders across the biomedical ecosystem. Leaders from patient-centered nonprofits play a unique role in these efforts: they can leverage financial resources and data from the patient community to accelerate research that will have the most meaningful impact on patient lives — research that might not have progressed without their intervention.” says FasterCures

This year’s theme for the program is building patient data resources, which has been the focus of the SDS Alliance since its inception two years ago. As part of the LeadersLink program, Dr. Hars and SDS Alliance will further the SDS community's top priorities through a capstone project, mentorship, a series of in-person convenings, and virtual collaboration.

“I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to work with The Milken Institute. The connections to the mentors and experts are priceless. It is a complex endeavor to find cures and we need to strategically leverage professional expertise every step of the way. I cannot wait to put all the new learnings into practice. As a community, we can move so much faster when we know exactly what to do and how to do it.” says Dr. Hars.

About the Milken Institute

The Milken Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that helps people build meaningful lives in which they can experience health and well-being, pursue effective education and gainful employment, and access the resources required to create ever-expanding opportunities for themselves and their broader communities. Our Approach: We catalyze practical, scalable solutions to global challenges by connecting human, financial, and educational resources to those who need them. We leverage the expertise and insight gained through research and the convening of top experts, innovators and influencers from different backgrounds and competing viewpoints to construct programs and policy initiatives. For more information, visit


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