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In Loving Memory

Jennifer passed away from complications of Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. Jen was loved by everyone she met, she cared and loved deeply. Shwachman Diamond took a huge toll on her the last 10 years, especially the last two years of her life. A bone marrow transplant was discussed, but her health never stabilized enough to initiate a transplant. Rest in peace, Jenni.

Jennifer Anne Reutlinger of Peterborough NH passed away July 6, 2023, from a blood disorder, Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), which developed from a rare genetic disorder known as Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome, (SDS). She was 37 years old. Jennie lived most of her youth living in Greenfield, and Peterborough, NH. After high school, she attended the Job Corps Northlands campus in Vergennes, VT, and the Culinary Institute at Macintosh College, before receiving her phlebotomy license. She lived in Manchester NH for a short while, before returning to Peterborough.

Jennie was a curious child who loved exploring her natural world, camping and caving with family and friends. She enjoyed spending time with her friends and watching her favorite movies, while snuggling with her cats. As she grew into adulthood, complications from SDS became more apparent, hindering her ability to maintain an active and fulfilling life she had dreamed. Although the struggles of her illness became more challenging, Jennie still remained a source of positivity, strength and kindness to others, no matter how ill she felt. Jennie often opened her home and her heart to those in need of a hand up. Even in the last months of her illness, she often shared words of support and encouragement to others who needed it. The love she held for her family and friends helped give her the courage to fight the rare blood disease MDS.

She is treasured by all who knew her and will be dearly missed.


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