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2022 Annual Global Virtual Fundraiser - Three Million Steps Closer to #CureSDS - Huge Success Again

This October, we conducted the third annual global virtual fundraiser to support SDS research. The theme this year was THREE MILLION STEPS CLOSER TO #CURESDS.

  • When? October 8-15th, 2022

  • Where? Virtual! Run/Walk/Roll wherever you like!

  • What? Fun!!! Fundraise and Run/Walk/Roll in your community!

  • Why? To build community and raise funds for SDS research!

  • How? Registration is now closed, but you can still donate, here!

Here are some highlights the fundraising families shared. The new T-shirts - customizable with TEAM NAMES, were a big hit, too.

And just like that, it's a wrap. The conclusion of the 6-day long challenge: THREE MILLION STEPS CLOSER TO #CURESDS is worth celebrating. You stepped up big time and logged - drumroll please! - 3.5 MILLION STEPS! With your support, we have also exceeded the fundraising goal of $12,000 for this fundraiser.
A huge thank you to all who joined the SDS Alliance's third annual fun run challenge fundraiser and turned hope into action and took steps to #CureSDS - by walking, running, crawling, rolling, or leaning back and supporting those who did by making a donation.

You invited your family, friends, and neighbors to participate, raise awareness, and funds!

As always, 100% of funds raised from the community go to SDS research accelerating therapies, with no overhead! This year, our focus is on expanding the toolbox for SDS research and seed funding research in new therapeutic areas as part of our roadmap. We depend your support to drive the progress!

Three million steps are certainly too much for any single person. But together, the steps add up. Together, we did it!

And the winners of the challenges are:

Winner of the team challenge:

Winners of the individual challenges:

Here is what he shared with us:

"It was an honor to participate in such a motivating event, every opportunity to bring awareness to SDS is a worthy cause. God bless all of you battling SDS and every family affected by it!" ~ John

And in the women's category:

Here is what she shared with us:

"As the director of The Opportunity Preschool, I walked to support Kayla, Nora and their families along with the other children who are desperately seeking a treatment or cure for SDS. Together we can make a difference in helping people become more aware of this rare disease." ~ Linda

And last but not least, some more memories from last year.

Can't wait 'till next fall for the next installment!


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